smart e-toys


smart sensing mouse

This mouse cat toy runs in random directions and moves away when it hits obstacles.Will keep your cat excited by remaining unpredictable.


self bouncing rolling ball

Upon being turned on, it will move, shake or bounce on its own. With 3different modes among which you can switch to fit for different cat plays.


moving e-snake

Featuring 3D texture and vibrant colors, this snake toy looks realistic. The eyes of this snake toy will flicker and automatically avoid stuck situations when encountering obstacles.



The 7 Hole Peek-A-Bird is equipped with distance sensor detection, which can detect a cat approaching within 5 inches and automatically pops it's feathers in and out.


flapping bird

Every time your feline touches this bird, its motion sensor kicks into action and the bird will flap and flutter like a real sparrow, intriguing your cat to kick and play.


floppy fish

Simply with a touch of the button, you can make the fish start/stop wiggling. Save battery power! It stops itself when left alone and wiggles when touched or tapped.


treat puzzles


rotating windmill

This windmill toy features food-leaking holes, and it can be rotated both horizontally and vertically, so your cat can play with it and enjoy the cat food dispensed by it.


treat maze puzzle

Interactive cat food maze featuring three level challenges to stimulate your cat’s senses.


board puzzle

With 9 hidden holes that you can vary the difficulty level, the puzzle can meet their natural instincts of seeking and hunting, keeping your furry friend excited and satisfied.


spinning barrel

Once the treats are places in the barrel, your cat must turn the slow feeder to get the food through the leakholes, then continue to search for food on bottom plate maze.


fish snuffle mat

This feeding mat activates foraging instincts by mimicking the hunt. Made of non-toxic and machine washable materials, it stimulates your cat’s senses and makes meals fun.


snuffle mat arena

The Snuffle Mat Arena puts the nose and brain of your cat to work by mimicking the hunt for food in nature and keeps them entertained and relaxed.




sisal rope grinding ball

Attract your cats to play. Bring joy to them, Protect your furniture from scratching and satisfy cat's natural scratching instinct.


hide & scratch: lounger box

Shaped for scratching and lounging, letting your kitty get rowdy and relax, all in one.


sisal post with plush ball

32 Inches height design for all size cats from kitten to adults. Thanks to the large enough base, the scratching post has excellent stability.


green cactus

Unique shape of the cactus is designed to attract cats to play and protect the furniture. Be interior decoration, incorporating modern decoration and adding interest to the room.


post with natural sisal ropes

34 Inches scratching post provides ample space for cats of all sizes to stretch and scratch. Made with natural sisal rope to promote healthy scratching habits.


reversible cardboard pad

Premium scratching textures design, our cat scratching pad more closely mimics tree bark. Different touching experience makes it more irresistible for the cats.